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How To Stop My Husband From Snoring

HELP! My Husband Snores Terribly At Nights – What Can I Do About it?

How To Stop My Husband From SnoringIntimacy is a very lovely thing. You sleep in bed together, listening each other heartbeats, and just hearing your loved one breathing.

But what happens if you just cannot get to sleep, because your husband snores loudly at nights?

All hell break loose and you start rolling over or covering your ears with pillows. Eventually, the snoring gets too loud and you cannot take it anymore. Seething with anger, you kick him and he will momentarily stop only to continue a few minutes later.

The only way that you see to get out of this mess is to go sleep in a separate room. That may work at home but your marriage will be in a wreck.

What will happen when you go for a holiday and book a room, where will you run to?

The best choice that you can make is to let him know about his snoring issue and visit the doctor for a thorough diagnosis and evaluation. From the doctor’s advice, you can start tackling the issue together.

Many things can cause snoring and there are also different ways that you can treat this disorder and reclaim your happy marriage once again. Below we’ve outlined a few tips that can help your husband to control or completely stop his snoring problem so that you can get some sleep.

1. Figure Out If His Weight Is A Contributing Factor

If your husband snores, he may be carrying around some excess weight.  Several studies have showed that persons who are overweight or obese has have a higher tendency to snore. So you may want to check on your husband’s weight regularly. At home limit the amount of carbs he takes and put him on a fat loss diet plan.

If snoring is a serious issue in your marriage, losing weight often will help a great deal although at times thin individuals may also snore.

2. Do Not Take Alcohol Just Before Bed

Most couples like to have a sip of wine before bed as it can be relaxing and lead to a romantic experience. The down side though is that alcoholic beverages tend to relax your muscles resulting in a higher chance of snoring. So just in case you and your husband like to take alcoholic drinks before going to bed, refrain from it. Intake of alcohol will only make him snore more. You can replace the alcoholic beverages with pure fruit juice.

3. Try Going To Bed Earlier To Get Enough Sleep

Individuals snore more loudly when they are tired. Make sure, the bed is comfortable and relaxing. Keep away electronics from the bedroom so that doesn’t stay awake and watch TV or check emails late in the night. Practice with your husband going to bed at a designated time and make sure you both get 7-8 hours of sleep. This will significantly reduce the instances of snoring.

4. Elevate The Head Of The Bed Slightly

By lifting the head of the bed a bit, some couples, have found that snoring becomes less severe. You can just stick something hard like wooden blocks, right under the legs of the bed’s head, so that when he sleeps his head is a few inches higher than his feet.

5. Acquire a Mouth Guard

Numerous couples have experienced incredible success with this simple mouth piece. It will take a night or two for him to get used to wearing it. The mouth guard helps in keeping the air passages of the individual wearing it open so that they do not vibrate against each other- and, therefore, prevent snoring.

These mouthpieces have been approved by Health Canada and FDA. The mouthpiece primarily holds the tongue in place and therefore forces the person to breathe through the nose; therefore, he cannot use it when he has a cold. However, couples have found the device to be very effective.

Frankly, if this is a pressing issue in your home, you should give it a try. They may not work for everyone, nevertheless, if you can get something which can assist both of you, picture how relieved both of you will be.

6. Visit a Physician

The issue of snoring is not just problematic because it keeps your husband up- partners of snorers can also develop sleeping disorders themselves from not having proper sleep. Snoring can also be a clear sign that your husband has other health problems. Individuals who frequently snore, are more likely to experience high blood pressure. This can be seen as a sign of sleep apnea. Therefore, make sure that your husband sees a physician, especially if it is chronic.

7. Set Up A Second Room (Optional)

Sometimes you will have just to admit that it will not work. In case you have tried every single alternative and you do not succeed and your husband ends up using a CPAP machine, you will have to sleep elsewhere. You may not want to do it, but having a good quality sleep is essential to you also.

You can keep your husband’s bedroom as your main room where you have all your personal items and clothes. You can then use a guest room with a single bed. That ideal of a couple sharing one bed is beautiful but at times, it just fails to work out.

If you are on the quest to find a solution to your snoring problems, we want to help you. Here are a few articles that you’ll find informative and will provide you with the solutions you need:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We wish you and your husband all the best and years of comfortable sleep.

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