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Is Zyppah Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece As Effective As Claimed? This Review Delves Deeper

Zyppah Snoring MouthpieceThere is this relatively popular anti snore device called Zyppah. It claims to deliver both the benefits of a mandibular adjusting device (MAD) and tongue retaining device (TRD).

But just how effective is it?

How true are the claims the manufacturer makes about the product’s efficacy rate?

The reason we wrote this Zyppah review is to help you make an informed decision based on facts and unbiased examinations.

Zyppah RX – Product Overview

The name Zyppah is pronounced as “zee-pah” a word that was coined by the manufacturer Zippah Inc. from a play of words. The name is actually “Happy-Z” spelled backwards to signify the kind of happy sleep you can look forward to once you start using the device.

The concept was developed by one Dr. Jonathan Greenburg who is a respected dentist with almost 30 years of professional experience. The good doctor has completed additional undergraduate training in bioengineering, which has apparently given him the necessary skills for creating a device that would be compatible with a wide range of snoring conditions.

This is however not your ordinary mouthpiece. Its design is a little different from what we are used to because it combines two separate ideas to work as a 2-in-1 anti-snoring remedy.

On one part, Zyppah is a mandibular adjustment device that works by advancing the lower jaw to keep the airways open. At the same time, the device works as a tongue retaining device by keeping the tongue (which is also a muscle) in place when one goes to sleep.

Zyppah 2 In 1 Snoring Solution

As such, a unique selling point of this device is that it offers the benefits of both worlds in terms of MADs and TRDs.

Does Zyppah Really Work?

One of the outstanding claims made by the makers of Zyppah is that is stops snoring instantly from day one of wearing it. They also claim that it is 100% guaranteed, and that one can try it for free. Further, they say that this product was developed based on 10 years of research and that a dentist who expanded his scope of skills to help those with sleep apnea and related issues conceptualized it.

But those are just claims. Sentiments gathered from real users show that majority laud its benefits particularly because it does not disturb their natural sleeping cycle. However, there are those who say that they find it difficult to get to sleep with this device in their mouth since most of it is made of plastic. Out of these mixed opinions, one thing stands out and that is the fact that Zyppah works instantly with an average satisfaction rate of 80%.

Who Can Benefit From Zyppah?

Although the device seems to work for most users, the highest rates of success have been reported among obese people with a BMI range of 25 to 30. Another group of people that can greatly benefit from wearing the mouthpiece are alcoholics and persons who have a habit of sleeping with their mouth open.

Basically, Zyppah improves airflow by guarding any tissues that may come in the way when one goes to sleep. So anyone can benefit from it only that the efficacy rate may defer from person to person.

Key Features

Tongue Stabilizing Strap

Zyppah uses a revolutionary elastic band to support the tongue and prevent it from falling back to the throat. This unique idea has a patent pending. So far, no other company has invented a similar tongue stabilizing technique. The strap used is quite soft contrary to how it looks at a glance.

The science behind it is that when you sleep, the tongue tends to relax and the force of gravity pushes it further back causing an airway blockage. By stopping this movement, this device claims to prevent at least 50% of snoring conditions.

Boil And Bite MAD Design

The hybrid device comes with a mandibular advancement – a feature that has been used by many other companies we’ve reviewed to eliminate snoring. This solution works by advancing the jaw forward to open the airway. The theory behind it is that by adjusting the lower jaw forward-wise, you can improve airflow and reduce snoring.

However this alone cannot completely stop snoring because there are natural limits to how far you can move the jaw. The combination of tongue stabilization and MAD technology therefore makes this a truly innovative anti-snoring solution.

Self-Molded Custom Fit

This simple feature helps you to customize the fit of the mouthpiece according to the size and shape of your mouth. You only need to keep the device in hot water for a certain duration of time, as instructed. Once the piece is softened you simply remove it and leave it to cool before inserting it into the mouth. Then after inserting you need to bite it down and hold for some time.

The cooled material will form according to your shape to provide you with a perfect fit.


Unlike other devices on the market that have a bulky presence, Zyppah is conveniently lightweight and small. This helps reduce the chances of drooling in addition to eliminating discomfort in your jaw muscles. Remember, the entire item is produced in the USA using high-end materials.


  • *30 days money back guarantee
  • *Lightweight and small
  • *Hybrid design with 2-in-1 capabilities
  • *Cleared by the FDA and manufacturer is BBB accredited
  • *Lasts for 6 to 9 months
  • *Can be cleaned using plain water and soap


  • *May not be a good choice if you have loose teeth or you wear dentures/crowns
  • *Requires to be cleaned at least once a week
  • *May cause drooling during the first days (quite a normal occurrence when wearing MADs)

Final Word

There are mixed reactions about convenience and effectiveness of this device. For instance, while 90% of its reviewers say it is a convenient option, there are a few others who think that its design makes it a little complicated to wear. A good number seem to agree that the MAD is effective at stopping snoring but there are some who find it less effective than expected.

Weighing these two schools of thought, we can wrap up this Zyppah review with the verdict that although this may work for many other people there’s no guarantee it will work for you. So give it a try but be sure to keep your options open.

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Zyppah Rx Review
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Easy To Clean
  • Overall Effectiveness
  • Price Compared To Other Devices


There are mixed reactions about convenience and effectiveness of this device. For instance, while 90% of its reviewers say it is a convenient option, there are a few others who think that its design makes it a little complicated to wear.

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