The Best Anti Snoring Device Reviews 2020 – Which Product Stops Snoring?

Are you looking for an anti-snoring device to finally put an end to your snoring problem?

If your answer is ‘YES’ then today is your lucky day!

You probably already know how embarrassing, unhealthy and downright humiliating snoring can be. It can badly affect your self-esteem and even ruin your relationships.

But there is a much bigger problem than the disturbing vibrations themselves.

And that is finding the best anti-snoring device that works without endangering your health in any way.

Statistics show that over 90 million Americans snore regularly and this in itself means big business for some healthcare products manufacturers.

Are You A Tongue Snorer?

As such, choosing the best stop snoring devices in a sea of variety is no easy task.

You might easily fall prey to “smart marketing tactics and gimmicks only to end up in a floppy deal.

Finding a reputable supplier, on the other hand, may not always guarantee you of any better results.

This is because there are different causes of snoring meaning even the best-made products might not always work for all people.

It is very important to pick the right solution for your unique case.

What works for me, may not necessarily work for you and what works for you may not work for your spouse. And it is not realistically possible to test each available solution one by one.

As a result, we have taken the trouble of analyzing these and explaining what exactly you need to go for based on what you may be suffering from.

So the 100% unbiased and detailed anti-snoring devices reviews below will help you to make an educated and informed decision on what snoring product to choose for your unique case.


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The Factors We Analyzed To Determine The Best Snoring Devices

Some of the companies that manufacture anti-snoring devices are reputable, but others are not.

That simply means that you should only pick a device that is properly reviewed and proven to be capable of dealing with your unique condition.

In the reviews of the anti-snoring devices that follow, you’ll discover every factor that you should take into account when choosing the best snoring device for your situation.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • If it really works,
  • How it works,
  • Who it works for,
  • Are there possible side effects?
  • And how much the device will cost you.

If you follow this information, you will be able to make a great decision.

The Factors Analyzed

Factors We Analyzed

Finding the right products for snoring can be the difference between your frustrations and ultimate freedom.

That is why we have taken a closer look at different options in order to help you narrow your search down to the best anti-snoring device for your unique case.

Our research process focused on the following three crucial factors:

1. If The Product Works

Truth be told, most of the cheap anti-snoring devices sold on the internet simply don’t work.

This is due to several reasons, the most common one being that they do not meet the basic requirements in terms of design and proportions.

2. The Cost Of The Device

Some of the anti-snoring products we came across are either too expensive or insanely cheap. You don’t want to compromise your budget on something that may not even work for you.

So, we went ahead and identified which items offer the best value for money.

3. How Reputable Is The Company?

It is always important to separate trusted companies from fly-by-night warriors.

We have done extensive research on this factor and have been able to identify brands that can actually be trusted in a crowded marketplace.

How to Find The Best Anti Snoring Device?

Anti-Snoring Devices

Before you make that crucial decision on what to buy, it is important to ask yourself a few quick questions.

These questions will help you pick the legitimate, working products from the inferior but fancy ones.

1. Is The Product Third Party Tested?

A legitimate stop snoring product is one that has been tested and proven by an independent quality control organization.

In most cases, illegitimate companies will want to skip the testing phase because they know very well that this can easily disqualify their entire investment from being sold on the market.

Normally, when companies choose to sell their products without independent quality control, there is no guarantee that those products are what they claim to be.

2. Is The Product/Company Independently Monitored?

Other than third-party testing, it is even more important than a company is independently monitored for customer reputation.

Be wary of products that are made from companies whose reputation isn’t clear.

A bad reputation (or lack of reputation) are red flags and enough reasons to avoid that product.

3. What About The Money Back Guarantee?

Different people have different underlying issues and there is no perfect product. For that reason, you want to go with a stop snoring product that is covered by a solid money-back guarantee.

Any company that believes in its products will always be confident enough to offer a full money-back guarantee if there are any efficacy issues.

What’s Covered In This Research?

Anti Snoring Devices Reviews

Some manufacturers of anti-snoring devices claim that their products are at least 90% effective.

However, as we’ve found out, that is not always true.

Some of the stop snoring products are designed with the right technology but they do not adequately address health and safety concerns.

Others cause irritation and even soreness although the manufacturers don’t mention it as part of the product’s side effects.

Also, I’ve found out that a good number of seemingly good companies avoided quality control testing.

That Said, Below Are The Top Anti Snoring Devices That Have Been Found To Be Highly Reputable And Effective.

The Best Anti Snoring Devices of 2020

Below We Take A Closer Look At These Stop Snoring Devices That Have Been PROVEN To Banish Snoring Problems Once And For All.

Check out each of the reviews below and choose the best anti-snoring device for your specific situation.

(#1) VitalSleep Stop Snoring

Small VitalSleepWe are rating VitalSleep Stop Snoring as our #1 stop snoring solution because first, it is quite affordable (but isn’t cheap) and durable.

The VitalSleep mouthpiece is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) that is ergonomically designed to fit the mouth without causing harm to the jaws, gums, and teeth.

The best thing about it is that it’s adjustable and customizable which means you don’t really have to worry about finding a size that fits your mouth.

How It Works

Being a boil-and-bite mouthpiece, it uses one of the most common methods to prevent snoring which is the approach taken by most snoring devices including those you will get from your dentist.

It works by pulling your lower jaw in a forward position while naturally bringing forward the tongue allowing for better air circulation at the back of the throat.

VitalSleep Snore Solution

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Its ability to keep your lower jaw in a slightly extended position allows your airways to remain open throughout the night, which essentially eliminates the source of your snoring.

If your snoring problem is related to obstruction of the air-passage located at the back of the throat or it’s as a result of a deviated septum in the nose, VitalSleep Stop Snoring may be the only anti-snoring solution you will need because of its mentioned effectiveness and advantages.

Even people who wear dentures like caps, crowns, or bridges can still use this snoring device but only under some circumstances.


If you are still not sure whether to buy the VitalSleep Stop Snoring device, then its 30-day money-back guarantee will probably put your mind at ease. This means you don’t have to worry so much about whether or not it will work for you.

You just have to try it as a potential solution to your snoring problem since you won’t be risking anything by just trying it out.

In addition, if you decide to continue using the device, you will get 100% free replacements for a year warranty on any reason which is an unusual guarantee for an over the counter anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Try VitalSleep

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(#2) Good Morning Snore Solution (GMMS)

Good Morning Snoring Solution In Mouth

Good Morning Snore Solution is our #2 best anti snore device.

It is designed to use simple suction to gently pull your tongue in between your teeth thereby keeping your throat clear.

By using innovative technology, this appliance activates tongue displacement technology which is more comfortable than jaw displacement devices like mouth guards offer.

Wearing the GMSS is a bit reminiscent of a baby sucking on a pacifier.

And just in about the same way a pacifier works wonders to silence a crying baby, Research suggests that GMSS can work wonders for people struggling with snoring.

The main selling point of this product is that it is comfortable to wear and easy to use.

The FDA categorizes it as a class II medical device and it is even available on prescription for treatment of snoring in the USA.

On average, the lifespan of this appliance is about 12 months. However, that may increase or decrease, depending on how you care for the device.

On the downside, though, most people experience some level of soreness when they start using the GMSS.

This soreness can, however, be lessened by sleeping on a sloped or wedge-shaped pillow (or simply sleeping on your side as opposed to the back).

Good Morning Snoring Solution Review

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Company’s Reputation

This is an invention of a team of Calgary Dentists from the UK.  It has been clinically proven and duly cleared by FDA , Health Canada, ARTG and EEA.

Does Good Morning Snore Solution Work?

This works quite well especially among people with a BMI range of 25 to 30. In general, more than 2/3 of overweight users who try this device may get good results.

People with above or below that BMI range may experience mixed results.

On a scale of 10 the Good Morning Snore Solution scores a well deserved  7.5/10 .

It is well designed and has been cleared by relevant public health and wellness authorities.

However, it has its fair share of small qualms and it may not work well for some people.

Verdict: Worth Trying.

(#3) ZQuiet Snoring Solution

ZQuiet is one of the most respected anti-snoring mouthpiece companies in America.

Their presence on TV and online adverts has undoubtedly earned them lots of brand mileage and their campaigns have left tongues wagging.

One unique thing about ZQuiet mouthpieces to stop snoring is that it was designed to fit nearly everyone with no need for boiling and molding.

You simply wear it as it is provided but if it does not fit you properly you can trim it with scissors (and then use your fingernail or emery board to smooth rough edges to prevent irritation).

ZQuiet is a Mandibular-advancement splint that has helped a lot of people to effectively treat their snoring problems.

How It Works:

It is a ready-to-use straight out of the box device that requires nothing more than just a quick wash with a water solution and mild soap.

Designed to adjust the lower-jaw by a couple of millimeters to cushion the base of the tongue from blocking the airway, this device has won praises from its users for being comfortable to wear.


The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so that users can have enough time to test the product.

This guarantee allows users to simply return the device within the 30 days of purchase and get their money back with so much ease if the product does work for them.

Overall, this is a good product, it’s worth its price tag and one can give it a try.

Zquiet Package

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How To Choose A Device That Is Right For You?

Remember, snoring problems are caused by different factors.

In order to understand how to choose an anti-snoring product that works, you have to consider several factors some of which we have covered in this write-up.

Again, while all the 3 devices reviewed above may look and sound like the holy-grails of snoring recovery, in some cases they fail to work. There are different causes of snoring and sometimes the problem could be the tongue, at other times a misplaced jaw could be the culprit.

If you choose a tongue retaining device and yet the cause of your snoring is a blocked nostril, then you may not gain much benefits.

Likewise, if you go for a chinstrap and your problem is the tongue then you may be disappointed with the results.

How Do You Know The Best Anti-Snoring Device To Choose?

Well, the answer is simple.
You need to first perform a small “snoring test”.

After the test, you will be able to determine the exact problem you are facing and therefore find the right solution for it (without wasting money on a trial and error basis).

Here’s how you can perform the “snoring test” on your own at home.

Snoring Test: What Exactly Is Causing You To Snore?

The tongue is the most common cause of snoring because tongue muscles tend to relax and fall backward when one is asleep.

You should know that it does not take much to block your breathing passage partially.

Just a few hanging tissues are enough to narrow the breathing passage and cause excessive vibration.

How Do You Find Out If You Are A Tongue Snorer? 

Are You A Tongue Snorer?

  • Step 1: Stick out your tongue
  • Step 2: Hold it in place using your teeth
  • Step 3: Attempt to make the vibration sound of snoring (try as hard as you can)

Did you produce the loud snoring noise?

If you just answered NO then your tongue is the cause of your snoring.

And in that case, you need to focus on a device that tames your tongue – not just your jaw.

TIP: You want to find a device that holds your tongue forward.


Are You A Mouth Snorer

How Do You Find Out If You Are A Mouth Snorer?

If you snored during the tongue test (above), then chances are that the problem lies elsewhere.

It’s time for a jaw test.

Normally, you are more likely to snore if you breathe through your open mouth instead of the nose.

The reason why the mouth tends to open at night is because of the jaw muscles loosening. Here’s a simple test for this.

  • Step 1: Open your mouth (Half-wide open)
  • Step 2: Put some effort into producing the snoring sound
  • Step 3: Close your mouth and try doing the same thing

If you realize that you can still make a snoring noise when your mouth is open but find it impossible when your mouth is closed then your jaw could be the culprit.

TIP: Here you need a jaw retaining device. More than a tongue retaining device.


Is Your Nose Clogged Up Causing You To Snore?

Is Your Nose Clogged?

The nose test will help you find out if a blocked nostril is the cause of your woes.

In this case, if your nose is stuffy or you are having an allergy or sinus problem, then you are likely to snore.

This will happen even if you use a mandibular adjusting device, tongue retaining device or chinstrap.

  • Step 1: Place a finger inside one of your nostrils and push it gently inside
  • Step 2: Close your mouth in such a way that you only breathe through the one free nostril
  • Step 3: Now try to breathe in

You may find that your other nostril may collapse and allow you to produce a snoring sound.

If that happens then the problem behind your snoring lies within your nose and finding a solution that improves your nasal health is what you need to do.


Is Your Snoring Caused By Multiple Issues?

Sometimes, you may find that your snoring is caused by multiple issues.

Like for instance, a combination of tongue and nose or uvula and soft palate (Uvula is the small nob of tissue that hangs down at the back of your mouth when you open your mouth wide).

In that case, none of the tests suggested above will provide you with a solid answer.

The recommended solution is to find an anti-snoring device that helps you to maximize available air passageway.

TIP: You could waste a lot of time trying to find an anti-snoring remedy if you have not first figured out what is making you snore.

That is why we recommend taking these three tests prior to making a purchase.

You may look (or sound) funny while doing them but no worries, they are all easy to handle on your own and more so in private.


Should You Choose A Chinstrap, MAD Or TRD?

If you are a perennial snorer then probably the only thing in your mind right now is to find a solution that works.

Of course, it would be really nice if the solution can be found fast, right?

After all, it’s very frustrating to snore every night. Well, before you settle for a chinstrap, MAD or TRD it is important you are familiar with some pros and cons of each device.

This comparison should help.

How Does A Chinstrap Work?The Pros And Cons Of Using A Chinstrap

A chinstrap works by supporting your jaw.

You simply wrap it around your head and chin (it leaves holes for your ears).

In doing so, your jaw and tongue will be supported and will not sag back to cause obstruction when you go to sleep.

For a chinstrap to be effective, it needs to remain in place throughout the night.

If you are a restless sleeper, then it may not stay in place and you may snore even when wearing it.

In addition, since the chinstrap is meant to keep your mouth closed, it may not be an appropriate solution if your snoring is from a blocked nasal cavity.

In fact, a chinstrap can be dangerous if you have chronic nasal congestion or undiagnosed sleep apnea since you may not get enough fresh air.

But how do you conclude that a chinstrap is an ideal device for you?

Well, if you have done the three tests above and ruled out nasal snoring, then this could be your best bet.

Generally, chinstraps have proven effective in 80% of the cases.

Who knows?

You might be among the lucky majority who manage to end their snoring woes by using this device.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Mandibular Adjustment Device (MAD)

Mandibular Adjustment DeviceIn pretty much the same way that your jaw muscles relax during sleep, some soft tissues of your throat also become flaccid and may even collapse.

This is where MADs come in handy.

Most are designed to use a “boil and bite” method in order to re-align your jaw to open up constricted airways.

Although they could be an expensive option for some, the science behind them is clinically proven and their rate of efficacy is quite high.

But they also have some side effects.

For instance, because they hold your jaw in an unnatural position, this can attract some long-term problems such as toothache, headaches or even face pain.

Also, mouthpieces are inappropriate for a snorer with a congested nose.

But having said that, manufacturers are all aware of the limitations of these devices that force you to breathe through your nose and some are beginning to respond accordingly.

Some MADs nowadays come equipped with a hole in the front side of the device allowing for an extra route of the air passage.

So just to be on the safe side, before you go to an expensive custom appliance MAD that could cause significant side effects, you may want to try a chinstrap.

Generally, MADs have a 70% rate of efficacy which means they work most of the time but not all the time.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Tongue Retaining Device (TRD)

Just as its name suggests, the TRD device works by holding the tongue forward during sleep to prevent it from blocking the airway.

By supporting the tongue, the device increases the three-dimension airway space from your mouth effectively keeping it open during sleep.

But how effective is a TRD?

First, a TRD is ideal if you discover that your tongue is the main culprit behind your snoring woes (as suggested in the test above).

There are several clinical trials that have been used to verify the effectiveness of these stabilizing devices:

Some of the most relevant studies are:

(a)One study titled “The effects of a non-surgical treatment for obstructive sleep apnea” examined 20 males with obstructive sleep apnea. After the first night, there was remarkable reduction in apnea episodes.

(b)In yet another study titled “Predicting response to the TRD for sleep apnea syndrome” 16 patients with obstructive sleep apnea were tested and there results were that 69% recorded significant improvement.

(c) Last but definitely not least, a study titled “The TRD: Efficacy and Side Effects in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome” 84 patients with obstructive sleep apnea were monitored for a period of 5 years using a TRD. The results were reported that intensity of snoring reduced by 61%.However, doctors noted that the device was not effective for patients with nasal obstruction. People whose snoring problem emanated from the nasal cavity reported a compliance rate of 52% in the period of 5 years.

Given the findings contained in these three studies, it is possible to see that TRDs have the least rate of efficacy as compared to the other three.

That, however, is not to say that they don’t work at all. The truth is that, if your problem solely stems from the tongue, then using a TRD may be the best way to restore normalcy.

On the flip side though, this may not be your best bet if you have nasal congestion or issues of the jaw moving out of place at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Snoring Dangerous?

Snoring alone is not life-threatening although it can contribute to morning tiredness and fatigue. This can lead to an increased risk of occupational accidents and a gradual decline in productivity. There also appears to be an increased risk of high blood pressure and stroke in patients who snore.

Should I Undergo Surgery To Stop Snoring?

Before you consider undergoing surgery it is imperative to find out what the actual cause of your snoring is. Surgery can be quite expensive and in some cases, it can cause infections to your delicate organs.

So before you opt for an invasive procedure, be sure to try other non-surgical alternatives available at your disposal.

Does Smoking Cause Snoring?

It is important that you stop smoking in order to control your snoring. Smoking not only contributes to throat congestion but also increases the acid secretion in the stomach, which can irritate the throat and cause swelling adding to blockage.

Does Drinking Alcohol Cause Snoring?

Excess alcohol, particularly at night can lead to increased snoring. In addition, continuous consumption of alcohol can lead to weight gain, which can further contribute to your snoring habit.

What Are The Top Snoring Products?

Other anti-snoring devices include nasal dilators (also known as nasal strips), nose cones, vestibular shields, anti-snoring pillows, anti-snoring rings, and anti-snoring watches. The top 3 most popular choices, however, remain the chinstraps, TRDs, and MADs.

Do These Devices Stop Snoring Completely?

In some cases, users report 100% efficacy while in some mild snoring and occasional side effects are mentioned. Sometimes, one may still snore even when using the most effective of all devices – and in that cases advanced medical support should be sought.

Can Children Use Anti-Snoring Devices?

It is safer to encourage your children to make lifestyle changes first. For instance, you can help them by raising their bed heads slightly with wooden planks or teaching them to sleep on their sides. If the problem persists consult a doctor for advice.

Which Snoring Device Is The Least Expensive?

The less complex the device is, the cheaper it tends to be. Going by that criteria, chinstraps are better priced than TRDs and MADs.

Can You Wear Snoring Devices With Dentures?

If you use dentures, your best alternative would be a chinstrap. However if (through the snore test) you find that your problem can only be solved by a TRD or MAD you can consider wearing partial dentures so that you can use the devices.

Are There Side Effects Of Using Anti Snore Devices?

Fitting some of these devices can be a little cumbersome at first and some Devices that are worn inside the mouth may also trigger excess saliva.

What Are Snoring Products Made From?

Quality chinstraps are made from sweat-free, non-allergenic and breathable material which is durable and snug-fitting. MADs are made from selected metals such as titanium or chrome cast alloy combined with high-quality plastic.

TRDs are made from plastics, which just like with MAD’s are not produced from BPA-free material.

Can My Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Replace CPAP?

Anti-snoring devices are not meant to take the place of other treatments or CPAP.

It is important to consult your doctor prior to using these devices particularly if they’ve advised you to use CPAP.

Do You Need Health Insurance For These Devices?

Most medical cover schemes have policies that cover therapy for sleep apnea which includes some anti-snoring devices. Consult with your insurance provider for further clarification on the extent of this cover.

Are Snoring Devices Permanent Solutions To Snoring?

No. The only way to permanently get rid of snoring is by getting rid of its triggers. If the trigger is a misaligned jaw or tongue, then anti-snoring devices will correct them, but only for the night. You may need to seek further medication if the issue persists or if you spot critical symptoms.

Are These Devices Comfortable To Wear?

Chinstraps are generally more comfortable to wear than MADs and TRDs. In most cases though, people struggle to get used to wearing them the first few days only before getting used to them.


Final Verdict

You have come to our website to find the best Anti-Snoring Device Reviews of some of the top products to help banish your snoring problem.

It is my hope that the reviews above will help you to make an informed decision on what is right for you. Remember, when in doubt, just use the snoring test above to find out what type of snorer you are and then choose a device accordingly. Good Luck!

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  1. I’m pretty sure that mine and my wife’s snoreing is contributed to both of us being overweight and both of us have sleep apnea! But,we don’t wear the c pap mask and machine because it is to intrusive! Can the sleep pillow be a good alternative for us?

    • Hey Scott, the pillow can indeed provide some help for you. But the only way to know for sure is to try it because what works for one person may not necessarily work for you since snoring may be caused by multiple factors.

      The good thing is that they have an iron-clad money-back guarantee so if it doesn’t work for you, you can always get your money back.


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