This SnoreMeds Review Takes A Look At One Of The Cheapest Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces On The Market

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Although the trends nowadays have been all about creating mouthpieces that have all the bells and whistles, Snoremeds has defied all odds to stand out as a simpler designed option.

This is basically a custom-fitted mouth-guard that you can wear while you are sleeping.

Its design is adapted to meet the needs of those with the habit of “sawing logs harmlessly”, and it comes in two different size options – one for males and another one for females.

Of course, there are many other products like this on the market today but in this Snoremeds review, we are going to see what makes it different and whether it works or not.

Snoremeds Review – Product Overview

SnoreMeds Mouthpiece Review


There are quite a few things that make this anti-snoring mouthpiece stand out from the pack.

First, it contains small emergency holes that allow you to breathe through your mouth if the need arises. These important holes are also designed to help cut down on the amount of saliva that may build up while you sleep.

Another quite encouraging fact about this snoring device is that it comes in two different sizes:

  • There is the “male fit” which is slightly larger and recommended for men and
  • A “female fit” version that is smaller .

In a nutshell, this product falls under the “jaw realignment” category because it simply works by shifting and holding your jaw gently forward similar to how the chinstrap works.

Customers mainly like the fact that it looks simpler and is easier to clean.

Its relatively lower price makes it shine even brighter. The manufacturer also offers a loyalty program.

Features Of The SnoreMed Mouthpiece
  • Front air hole to allow you to breathe effortless throughout the night
  • Material used is latex-free and BPA-free and it meets FDA standards
  • It uses the popular boil and bite technology which reduces the need for additional hooks, screws and calibrator that may cause a device to be bulky
  • Its light-weight means there is a reduced risk of the mouth drooling
  • Because of its relatively simplified design, it is easy to clean with a toothbrush and toothpaste
  • SnoreMeds discount coupons are available once in a while for those who would like to save more

How Does SnoreMed Anti-Snoring Device Work?

This snoremeds review paints a picture of a product that has been designed to work in a manner that pushes the jaw front-wise, and maintains this position throughout the night when the wearer is fast asleep.

The main idea behind this is that about 70% cases of snoring are caused by partial blockage of the airway when we sleep.

One of the effects of sleep is that our body muscles tend to relax giving way to the force of gravity and weight. Muscles that lay deep inside the mouth namely the tongue and soft-palate tissues are no exception to this rule.

So when you sleep, they tend to sag and hang over the wind-pipe preventing free flow of air. As you struggle to inhale and exhale, the tissues vibrate thereby releasing that annoying sound.

So what does SnoreMeds promise to do about this condition?

Well, the main idea is that by moving your jaw into a slightly forward position, the airway that runs at the rear-end of your mouth gets enlarged sufficiently to facilitate easy and uninterrupted breathing.

This theory does not always work. In some cases, the snoring may be emanating from different underlying reasons and hence an MAD such as this may not help.

Will SnoreMeds Work For You?

If you want to confirm if this will work for you before you even purchase it, it is advisable to carry out a small snoring test. Try moving your jaw a slightly forward right now and then try to force air in and out of the lungs as you attempt to produce that buzzing sound that is typical of snoring.

If you feel like your windpipe has been widened, and that the buzzing sound is not coming out no matter how hard you try, then it goes without saying a product like SnoreMeds would be your best bet.

User Experience

Because Snoremeds is non-adjustable, you may experience a certain level of gum pain during the first few days of wearing it. You may even experience some soreness in your jaw in the morning after.

This happens because your jaw is kept in one position for around 8 hours preventing it from even a slight side-to-side movement.

It is important to keep in mind that it may take you a while to get completely used to wearing this.

Generally, despite some people wincing at the idea of wearing something foreign inside the mouth, many recorded user experiences prove that this device is quite comfortable owing to the fact that it offers a custom fit through boil and bite technology.

SnoreMeds is pretty much the same kind of mouth-guard you purchase from your dentist – only that this one can be purchased over the counter and online.

Credibility Of The Manufacturer & Product

So far, there isn’t much information about the company that manufactures Snoremeds. We checked the Better Business Bureau website and we found that the company’s data is yet to be captured in the database as of yet.

Although this shows that the company has not applied for BBB accreditation as of yet, it must be noted that there have not been any complaints or red flags raised against it either.

Another plus with this product is that it is covered by a 45 days money back guarantee. This is a good standard arrangement when it comes to purchasing anti-snoring devices as it gives ample time to determine whether the product is effective for your case or not.

SnoreMeds MouthpieceIt is worth adding that the original version of SnoreMeds has been in the market since 2006.

Various improvements have been done to the modern versions of it in line with changing market demands. For instance, the current SnoreMeds appliance has twin holes in the front to allow for ease of swallowing and night nasal problems.

In addition, the manufacturer has gone a step further to offer a disposable spatula that allows for a second remold to provide a better fit – other MADs only allow for one remold.

The Brains Behing Snoremeds

Creators Of SnoreMedsThe team behind this anti-snoring product is led by two successful women – Michelle Hall-Jones and Philippa Logan.

Michelle has 22 years of experience in innovating and selling custom anti-snoring solutions while Philippa is a renowned life improvement enthusiast who has played a vital role in boosting Snoremeds presence in countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Norway.

Note that none of the two is a dentist, scientist or engineer – it is not clear what mechanics this product is founded on and so far there are no clinical trials that have been published to confirm the claims made in marketing it.

That being said, the internet is awash with positive reviews about the product with over 70% of testimonials rating the product highly.

Some Complaints Raise
  • The product has a lifespan of 4 months which is shorter than that of other similar MADs
  • The company is not BBB-accredited and there are no clear details whether this product has been submitted to FDA for clearance
  • The device might cause discomfort in the mouth particularly within the first 7 days of wearing it

Final Word

SnoreMeds offers a mixed bag of fortunes. It is well-priced, simple in design, easy to clean and reasonably effective.

On the flipside, though, not much information about it is available on the hands of third-party reviewers.

But that notwithstanding, this is something worth trying particularly if your snoring is linked to airway blockage at the rear end of the mouth.

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