5 Reasons Why Every Snorer Should Consider Using An Anti-Snoring Device (#3 Is Our Favorite)

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Anti-Snoring Devices

Should You Try A Snoring Device?

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Believe you me, just about everyone snores occasionally – it is only that the degree of snoring and self-awareness varies from person to person.

However, as you get to share the bed with some other person, this little embarrassing problem can be a serious cause of concern.

In fact, in some instances snoring can lead to serious rifts in a couple’s life.

To stop this problem, it is necessary to first identify exactly how and why one is snoring. The good news is that no matter the cause, there are solutions to relieve almost every type of snoring that may be affecting you.

Here are some 5 reasons persons should consider an anti snoring device.

5 Reasons To Use An Anti Snoring Device

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The video above should give you an overview of the importance of using stop snoring devices to help combat your snoring problem. However, if you prefer to read, you can continue doing so below:

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Using An Effective Device To Stop Snoring

Should You Try A Snoring Device?

1. They Are Comfortable, Convenient and Effective

Different anti snoring solutions come with their fair share of advantages.

Chin Strap For SnoringFor instance, chinstraps are reputed for being comfortable to wear and convenient to carry around.

They are also quite effective in stopping snoring particularly because majority of them are built to improve airflow and enhance throat muscle support.

Oral devices on the other hand, though less comfortable, are renowned for being highly effective at stopping snoring especially among obese people and alcohol drinkers.

One major benefit of mandibular advancement devices (MADs) and tongue retaining devices (TRD) is that they encourage nose breathing which is not only important for stopping the rumbling but healthier for the respiratory system.

As for anti-snore pillows, the benefits in terms of convenience are vivid.

Snoring pillows are quite comfortable to an extent that some non-snoring people prefer them to ordinary pillows.

So, in general majority of the reputed anti snore solutions are comfortable, convenient and relatively efficient.


2. They Provide Benefits To Your Health

Beautiful WomanSnoring is not a dangerous problem by itself.

In fact, apart from the annoying sounds, a snorer may not face any serious health implications in the short-run.

However, research shows that there are some long-term effects to this nightly habit.

Normally what happens when we sleep is that the throat and tongue muscles tend to relax thereby blocking the throat.

This blockage interferes with the effectiveness of air supply to the lungs thereby creating conditions favorable to a myriad of health complications.

First among them is lung infection, which may occur due to breathing through the mouth. The second risk is stroke or congestive heart failure. The third and most unexpected of all conditions is permanent liver scarring.

Wearing an anti snore device of choice can go a long way in preventing these and other potential health complications.


3. They Are Relatively Inexpensive

Anti-Snoring Devices Are InexpensiveMost anti snore devices are relatively inexpensive and even those that are considered expensive are known to offer good value for money.

The mandibular adjustment devices are overall the cheapest.

But on the flipside, they don’t have a long life and majority can only serve of periods of between 6 and 10 months.

Tongue retaining devices are also quite cheap given the fact that they can be re-used for several years provided one cleans them regularly.

Anti snore pillows on the other hand are known for their long-life which complements their unique design.

Chin straps offer the best of both worlds. They are relatively inexpensive and their lifespan is much longer than that of MADs or TRDs.

Away from the price tags, it is evident that those who sleep better at night are able to wake up with more energy the next day.

More energy means better productivity at work and school. It also means fewer visits to the doctor hence saving the user a decent amount of bucks.


4. They Provide A Non-Invasive Recovery Option

5 ReasonsBefore you think about undergoing surgery, anti-snore devices present you with a clear benefit that is safe.

Normally, surgery is associated with pain yet there is no guarantee of success. In some cases, it may be successful only for snoring to return after a few months.


Because snoring is not always caused by the soft palate (surgeons normally trim the soft palate). In most cases actually, snoring occurs at the base of the tongue which no surgeon in the world can eradicate.

It is also worth remembering that opting for an invasive procedure creates room for a variety of side-effects and opportunistic infections. And remember, a surgery once done cannot be reversed.

The main benefit of using a chin strap, MAD, TRD or pillow is that you can always return the product to the seller based on terms of their money back guarantee.

You can therefore try and fail until you finally find a device that works for your problem.

That is not the case with surgery where the results or errors of it may have permanent implications to your health and lifestyle.


5. Majority Of Anti Snore Remedies Are Duly Accredited

Some Devices Are Fda AccreditedWhile not all anti snoring devices have received a clean bill of health from the monitoring bodies, a good number have.

The FDA and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine are on record for lauding the benefits of snoring solutions.

Top among the accredited options are the mandibular advancement devices which have largely become a common features at dentistry clinics.

Anti snore pillows and chin straps have also received backing from scientists who recommend them for their healthy approach to the problem of snoring.

The two are loved by many because they are used externally rather than internally (MADs and TRDs are used inside the mouth internally).

Lastly, companies behind reputed devices are run mainly by people who are well recognized in the health industry – adding to the credibility of these remedies.

Final Word

Snoring is an involuntary condition that may gradually takes its toll on a person’s wellness if left unchecked. It may look like a small problem but in reality it has serious implications on individual health. Luckily, we live in times where technology has made it possible to have ready-made remedies for all manner of issues.

And while an invasive surgery may be recommended in some cases, it is advisable to try at least three anti snoring devices before going down that path.

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Trying one of the products above can save you a lot of cash and safeguard your health and protect you from the dangers of the surgeons scalpels.