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SnoreMD Pro Snoring MouthpieceThe biggest challenge when it comes to selecting an anti-snoring mouthpiece that works is finding one that fits perfectly without straining the jaw.

Most MADs available out there may claim to gently adjust the jaw forward but that is not always what happens when you wear them.

The technology used may turn obsolete when you go to sleep, and as you toss and turn the whole plastic may move out of place and you may end up snoring as usual.

This is perhaps why more advanced MADs like SnoreMD Pro are taking over the market. The fact that they come with additional fastening features to complement the traditional boil-and-bite technology means that they offer better and long-term results.

This SnoreMD Pro review, is a comprehensive and unbiased project that examines the truth behind claims made about this product.

SnoreMD Pro – Product Overview

This oral appliance stands out due to a variety of features and advantages. First, just like any other MAD it is designed to prevent snoring by holding your jaw in a slightly forward position as you sleep. By doing this, it is expected that the throat will remain clear throughout and air will flow freely.

The thought is that by removing any soft tissues that may hang at the rear end of your throat, the whole embarrassing problem can be nipped in the bud.

Another factor that catapults this brand ahead of the competition is that it comes with several advanced features that justify its premium pricing. It is made here in the USA thereby borrowing heavily on the credibility of the strong “Made in USA” brand.

99 percent of the appliance comprises of medical grade polymers and components that have been approved by the FDA as generally safe for human use.

The highlight of it all is that this MAD is designed with no rods, acrylic screws or torsion meaning that it is not bulky or complicated in any way.

By reducing the number of parts, accessories and connectors, manufacturers of SnoreMD Pro successfully prevent risks such as drooling, broken parts and bulkiness.

Remember, when it comes to invasive methods of stopping snoring, the best way out is to keep things simple.

How This Can Help Stop Snoring

To understand how SnoreMD Pro helps prevent snoring, you first need to know why that rattling sound is produced in the first place. There are three types of snorers namely:

  • Mouth snorers
  • Tongue snorers
  • Nose snorers

Those who snore through the mouth do so because soft-palate tissues (among others) tend to flop and partly block the throat when we go to sleep.

On the other hand, tongue snoring occurs when the tongue sags backwards and blocks the airway. Nose snoring emanates from a blocked nasal cavity.

In some cases, snoring may happen due to a combination of these three factors. For instance, it is not uncommon to find some mouth snorers also being tongue snorers. In that case, you would need a more advanced MAD that retains the tongue and adjusts the jaw – but that’s a story for another day.

For now our focus is SnoreMD Pro which is specifically designed to help mouth snorers. This appliance works by keeping your jaw slightly extended forward, and this keeps your throat open.

As long as your airways are open, your respiration will be unhindered, essentially eliminating the root cause of your woes. This is the most important aspect of any anti-snore mouth guard in the world.

Features That Make SnoreMD Pro Stand-out

SnoreMd Pro Features

Benefits Of Using SleepPro
  • Micro-adjustments calibration technology (built-in) offering 1mm increments
  • Boil and bite technology that allows custom fitting by way of thermal impression
  • Has a patented design that allows you to breathe through your nose and mouth while sleeping
  • Approved by FDA
  • Made of durable medical-grade copolymer material that is BPA- and latex-free
  • Entirely made in the USA
  • Can last for up to 15 months before needing to be replaced (this is above the market average of 12 months)

Posi-Lock Technology

One problem with mandibular adjustment devices is that they may loosen when you go to sleep. With SnoreMD Pro you don’t have to worry about this because it comes with a posi-lock that keeps it intact throughout the night.

This is one of the rarest technologies recently introduced in the world of MADs. Posi-Lock technology has been put to the test worldwide since 1997 and its advantages are there for all to see.

For instance, through this technology you can adjust your appliance with just hand tightening with no crimping required. This technology has previously been used in military equipment and oxygen sensors and this is the very first time an anti-snoring device is utilizing it.


Using this calibrator you can actually adjust the positioning of your jaw. This exclusive addition allows you to adjust the MAD to your liking.

Obviously, this is very important to stop snoring – however, most MADs do not come with a calibrator so they hold your jaw at a stationary point.

With SnoreMD Pro you will be able to adjust it either slightly forward or backwards. This is really significant and revolutionary.


This is one of the patented technologies that are exclusively available on SnoreMD Pro.

The logic behind it is that, naturally the jaw should not stay in one stationary point all night. By introducing this friendly technology, the jaw is left with some space for lateral movement.

The idea is to reduce the pain and discomfort that is typical of using an MAD especially during the first few days of wearing it.


F-Flow is a special design-cut that is made on the upper front end of the device to achieve a slightly slanted position accompanied by holes that allow for full airflow through the mouth.

The point here is to keep SnoreMD Pro as natural and as comfortable as possible.

Teeth Cushion & Microfit

Right on the surface where the teeth rest when you wear this MAD is a patented copolymer cushion that eases pressure on your teeth while you sleep. This is in addition to precise micro-fit calibration that allows maximum clinical effectiveness and patient comfort.

Credibility of Manufacturer and Product

SnoreMD Pro is among the few products available on the market that meet and exceed the new recommended product performance standards of OAOSA.

In addition, the design and materials used are in compliance with FDA requirements and there is a letter from FDA to prove that this is indeed true.

The company behind this innovation goes by the name Apnea Sciences Corporation which is based in California, Laguna Hills. Currently, they are not BBB accredited although based on system overview they have maintained a stella A rating on the BBB website.

A high rating on BBB coupled with the fact that they offer a 30 days money back guarantee are two things that go a long way in cementing the legitimacy of this brand.

The Team Behind This Snoring Device

The idea behind this MAD was conceived and developed by Prof. Dr. Stuart Weinstein and William Graff both who boasts years of experience in design, manufacture and supply of health care products.

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Final Word

To sum up this SnoreMD Pro review, it is clear that this is a trailblazing innovation. It comes with a wide variety of features that you will not find in any other anti-snoring product out there.

This technology is unique to Apnea Sciences Corporation and it is no wonder they have gone ahead to patent it. Overall, this is a great product; it is worth trying out particularly if you are a rear-mouth snorer.

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