Is The Therasnore Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Worth The Hype? Here Is An Honest Review

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UPDATE As Of March 2021: Therasnore is no longer on the market for sale. You can still read our review below but you may also be interested in our #1 recommendation to stop snoring.


While some TheraSnore review articles claim that this oral appliance has been successfully used in NHS hospitals across UK over the last 10 years, questions have been raised about its success rate and durability.

We take a closer look at its technology, usability, health, safety and user-concerns.

What Is TheraSnore?

This is a self-fitting anti-snoring mouthpiece that fits over the upper teeth instead of fixing to the lower jaw as it is the case with other appliances. Its surface is created with soft materials with a few teeth ridges here and there to enhance comfort.

This anti-snoring device actually works by expanding narrow airways, which effectively reduces the friction between the air you breathe and the soft tissues of your throat.

One of TheraSnore’s main advantages is that it is fully adjustable and it can be customized across 5 settings to provide a snug fit regardless of the size of the mouth.

How Therasnore WorksIn addition, its edges are generally smooth to ensure that you sleep peacefully with minimal (or no) irritation.

There are however some customers who report that the device feels a bit unnatural at first, although most of them say that they got used to wearing it after several nights.

History of TheraSnore dates back to 1987 when the very first concept of TheraSnore was introduced to the market.

Initially, the appliance was used for patients who grind their teeth heavily. As such, the original design was smaller and simpler than what we have today.

Due to the success of the first concept, Dr. Thomas Meade and his wife (the inventors) saw the need for another more advanced product that would help the world deal with the problem of snoring.

Work started in the early 90s and finally in 1997 after years of trial and error, the final copy of the adjustable TheraSnore anti-snoring mouthguard was officially presented to the American Dental Association.

Locally in the UK, the NHS developed interest following numerous success stories from past users and so they began to study it. In 2005, the NHS officially embraced TheraSnore for official use in the UK – a factor that gave it legitimacy globally.

A copy of the product was as well given to the FDA for further studies and in 2014 it received the Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance under clearance number K140663. It is worth noting that since 1997, the product has undergone numerous revisions and upgrades in a bid to improve its comfort and efficiency.

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But Just How Effective Is The Therasnore Mouthpiece?

This is an important question. Going by the word on the manufacturer’s website then this mouthpiece is 93% effective in treating mild-to-moderate sleep apnea and snoring. However, if you take a closer look at various clinical trials and medical literature, you will discover that 93% is an overestimation of its capabilities.

A safer and more realistic figure range is 75% – 85%.

That notwithstanding, we still find an efficiency rate of 75% – 85% quite impressive especially given that there is a 30-days money back period which allows you to test the product until you’re satisfied with it.

If you are not satisfied with it, then you simply return it without incurring any monetary risk.

Unique Design

The unique design of TheraSnore is highlighted by its 5 adjustable settings that enable for self-fitting per preference thus allowing for a greater degree of comfort and ample amount of air circulation through the mouth. Basically, the device is divided into two trays:

Upper Tray

This is where the upper teeth sit. Its design ensures the teeth are properly secured in place.

Lower Tray

This is where the lower front teeth sit. This tray is specially created such that it re-aligns your lower jaw and prevents it from falling back where you’re in deep sleep.

The lower tray can be adjusted backward or forward by unsnapping the two pieces apart, and carefully advancing to the next fitting option by lining up the numbering according to arrows indicated on the sides.

The calibrations on each side are spaced at 1.5 millimeters intervals; you can align the numbers on each side and then click back the appliance together.

Much like eyeglasses, TheraSnore is painless to wear and it causes no permanent changes to your body. On average, a well maintained device can last for more than 24 months.

Benefits of Using TheraSnore Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

  • Medically approved to prevent snoring
  • No need to visit the dentist to learn how to wear it, it comes with clear instructions that take you across all the 5 adjustable fitting settings
  • It has been clinically proven through various studies (discussed below) and supported by the NHS
  • It has an unbelievably long life
  • It is categorized as a class 1 medical snoring device
  • It has FDA approval which is properly documented and legitimate
  • It is relatively smaller in size, thus a better choice for patients with a strong gag reflex.
  • This MAD can be custom fit entirely at home in 30 minutes
  • Suitable even for patients who are heavy bruxers (i.e. those who have a habit of biting their teeth)

Scientific Studies On TheraSnore

Akita University Clinical Study

In this study, 19 patients were examined, some wearing Therasnore and some using other anti-snoring methods. The study lasted for 9 months with the final results showing 82% improvement in snoring.

It was also reported that there was a 55% improvement in sleep quality with majority of subjects reporting a “better feeling” upon waking up.

Royal London Hospital

The Royal London Hospital evaluated TheraSnore on 23 adult patients. The final results showed that this MAD is effective in the treatment of snoring symptoms in 2 out of 3 non-apneaic individuals.

Cleaning The TheraSnore Device

In this TheraSnore review, we can confirm that this MAD is relatively easier to clean than the rest particularly because it comes with its own cleaning solution.

Included with each mouthpiece is a bottle of cold water cleaner that can be used daily to clean the mouthpiece in 15 minutes.

This effectively protects your device from bacteria accumulation and bad breath. You really don’t want to develop a serious oral infection due to a poorly maintained mouthpiece.

Final Word

Honestly speaking, the only downside we could find about this device is its price.

However, the company behind it often issues Therasnore coupons and discounts to help the budget shopper. The most recent offer was £49.95 instead of the usual £79.95 – that was however, a limited offer.

If you are a frequent snorer (or if you suffer from sleep apnea) then you appreciate and understand the value of good sleep.

Snoring can rob the joy off your life and leave you disoriented. It can harm your relationships and impair your productivity at work. Moreover, in some cases, snoring if left unattended often leads to other more complicated health problems.

As such it is important to find a product that has been proven to work.

Given the fact that TheraSnore has been used for more than 10 years in NHS approved hospitals, there are indeed very good reasons to inquire more about it.

Overall, this unit stands out as a perfect anti-snoring remedy, whether you’ve tried other devices in the past or not.

To top it up, it has been medically endorsed and it comes with 30-days money back guarantee in addition to one-year good function guarantee. At its price, it is probably the best mouth-guard that money can buy.