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AirSnore is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that claims to offer better breathing at night by alleviating obstructions that cause snoring.

Not much information is available out there about this product and a quick look at different AirSnore review articles reveals that this is a relatively new brand on the market.

This mandibular adjustment device is manufactured and supplied by a UK-based company that also deals with health and fitness supplements.

  • But just how true are its claims?
  • How does it work?

This is our Airsnore review.

What Is Airsnore?


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Airsnore is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that is pretty simple in design. It offers an alternative to uncomfortable, heavy-duty apparatus that traditionally come with fancy features such as screws, calibrators and tongue holders.

It is made of thermoplastic material, which is specially designed to utilize the power of boil and bite technology.

It is made in a U-shaped to mimic the shape of the human mouth and has a large central hole that allows for free breathing. One thing that captured our attention is how easy it is to clean. Because of its gentle shape and few corners, you simply need to wipe it using a sanitizer and you are good to go.

Its lightweight is also something worthy of mention. Apart from ensuring the mouthpiece feels as natural as possible in the mouth, the manufacturer has gone ahead to enhance its durability.

The product’s official website claims that you can actually use it continuously for 6 to 12 months. If that is true, then it goes without saying that this MAD would provide one good value for the money. But again, that’s just a claim and several factors might affect individual outcomes.

How Does Airsnore Work?

Airsnore MouthpieceIts method of working is not any different from what other mouthpieces do (or claim to do). When you wear it, it gently adjusts your jaw towards the front and this effectively opens up the airway.

Snoring occurs due to partial blockage of the throat and nasal passage and this is mainly caused by the tongue and soft palate tissues. When you sleep, your body muscles tend to lose their firmness and so they flop.

That way, if you sleep with your head facing upwards, the tongue and soft palate tissues effectively block your air-passage. This explains why this sleeping position is often discouraged among snorers.

So to put it simply, this Airsnore review, can confirm that this device is meant for those who snore through the mouth. How do you tell if you are mouth snorer?

Here is a simple snoring test you can perform:

Mouth Snoring Test
  • Open your mouth
  • Try to breathe hard while at the same time making some effort to produce a snoring sound
  • Next, shut your mouth and repeat the same breathing procedure

If you can hear that snoring sound when your mouth is open but it disappears once you close your mouth then you can conclude that your snoring happens because of jaw displacement.

A mouthpiece is a good solution for this type of snoring but it may not work for nostril blockage induced snoring.

Why Snoring Is Dangerous and Should Be Tamed

First, snoring causes sleep deprivation.

Consequences of lack of sleep are dire because naturally, your body requires to go through a process of self-repair every night as you rest. During sleep, your immune system is reinforced, tissues repaired and energy levels replenished.

The brain also undergoes its own restoration process. In order to reap all these benefits, you need to spend enough hours sleeping peacefully. However, when you snore, you may lose sleep several times during the night sometimes without even realizing it.

The end result is that you wake up the next day tired, with a dry mouth and a headache. This can weaken your immunity and even expose you to a myriad of ailments.

Snoring by itself may not be dangerous but if left unattended it may provide a perfect breeding ground for opportunistic complications. This can even escalate to sleep apnea and depression.

Even worse, the oxygen levels in your drop may drop and over time this can induce HBP. Prolonged under-supply of oxygen increases the chances of a stroke and even death.

Is Airsnore The Answer?

Yes, looking at its design and mechanism of working, AirSnore can play a big role in helping you get rid of your snoring habit. The thought of re-adjusting the jaw in order to create space in the rear-end of the mouth is perfectly okay.

Another good thing about it is that it has sufficient breathing holes allowing the user to breathe even through the mouth.

But there are a few weak points here and there.

While this product claims to hold the jaw in one place there is no clear explanation as to how it manages to do this when one tosses and turns in sleep. Other mouthpieces come with special locks that allow the user to achieve the right fit.

Another qualm is that by holding your jaw in one place, the mouthguard prevents natural movement which is essential for normal body functioning. You are therefore likely to wake up with a sore jaw the next morning during the first few days of using it.

In a nutshell, while this product has a few weaknesses, it still offers most of the benefits that a standard anti-snoring device can be trusted to deliver.

According to the company, there are three different categories of snoring that Airsnore can help treat namely:

Grade 1

  • Infrequent, low voice snoring
  • Free-breathing with no obstruction
  • No medical risks

Grade 2

  • Frequent snoring, which is loud enough to disturb a partner
  • Possible obstruction of normal breathing
  • Potential long-term consequences including fatigue during the day

Grade 3

  • Annoyingly loud
  • Noticeable breathing obstruction

However, if your snoring exhibits different symptoms from the ones listed above then you may need to visit a doctor or try a totally different solution. It is worth noting that the same company that produces Airsnore also supplies nasal drops that can help ease nasal congestion.

Tips For Using Airsnore Mouthpiece

  • Always place this mouthpiece in boiling water for a few minutes before wearing it
  • Push your jaw slightly forward (don’t be too aggressive or too timid) and bite down as it cools down
  • If the mold does not fit properly, repeat the process over again until you are fully satisfied
  • To keep it clean, soak it in cold water for 10 minutes after each use. Then use a little toothpaste to clean off any buildup.

Generally, Airsnore mouthguard requires significantly less attention and maintenance.

Pros Of Using The Airsnore Mouthpiece
  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Less bulky
  • Has boil and bite technology to provide a custom fit
  • Allows for mouth breathing

* Not yet approved by FDA although the manufacturer claims that it has been manufactured in FDA compliant conditions

Final Word

AirSnore is one of the latest entrants into the competitive anti-snoring mouthpiece market.

The product however still lags behind in terms of embracing modern tech features like calibrators and posi locks, which are essential for maximizing effectiveness.

The manufacturer is however keen to explain that they’ve embraced simplicity to reduce the product’s weight. Remember, the more complicated a product is, the pricier and bulkier it becomes.

It will be interesting to see what direction the AirSnore brand will take with its future innovation, but one thing is for sure – this is a product worth checking out.

Click Here To Visit The Official Airsnore Website.


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