SnoreLess Pillow Reviews ~ Does This Pillow Really Help To Stop Snoring For Good?

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Do you remember the old days when we used to giggle at the sight of our parents snoring?

Back in the day, we used to think snoring was funny.

That’s why we could even try to mimic those voices when playing with our friends. But now times have changed, and we have fast come to learn that snoring is not just awful but also quite embarrassing.

Snoring isn’t something worth playing around with.

It is a problem that requires a remedy.

That is why products like the Snoreless Pillow have been introduced to the market to curb an issue that reportedly affects at least 90 million Americans.

The SnoreLess Pillow is said to help anyone with a snoring problem to put the habit to rest. But does it really work or is it just HYPE to get you to fork out your hard-earned cash?

Well in this post, we are going to take a closer look at this so-called ‘wonder pillow’ to see how it works and if really helps to stop snoring.

Snoreless Pillow Review – Product Overview

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The general idea behind this pillow for snoring is to elevate the jaw in order to prevent the throat and tongue tissues from blocking the air passage.

The foam is shaped in such a way that it supports your neck in a specific position that keeps your throat clear. You only need to slip the patented pillow into any standard pillowcase and rest on it.

The recessed core support will cradle your head, raise your chin off your chest and enhance support for your neck.

Snoreless Pillow Indent


Basically, this pillow is designed to suit the needs of side-sleepers although studies show that even front and back sleepers may also benefit.

[alert-note]There are also claims that (to some extent) use of this pillow can help address mild apnea.[/alert-note]

One remarkable thing about this snoring prevention pillow is that it is completely non-invasive and totally risk-free.

Besides that, unlike chinstraps, it works perfectly even if you are a restless sleeper (provided you are not too aggressive to an extent that you fight the pillow off the bed at night).

But Is The Snoreless Pillow Effective?

At a glance, this product looks like an ordinary pillow with the only difference being a profundity in its central area where one is supposed to rest the head.

So, by placing your head inside this dent, the rest of the foam surrounding it will offer you the much-needed support.

Snoreless Pillow Fixes Jaw Position

This pillow performs the same work as mouthpieces, which is to enhance your jaw position.

When doing this, the throat passage is kept open so tissues that vibrate to cause snoring are kept out of the way.

But Does The Snoreless Pillow Really Work?

The results are mixed.

The pillow is designed to deal with snoring that occurs due to throat blockage caused by throat tissue and the tongue.

As such, if your snoring problem is due to growth, accumulation of sputum or nasal blockage, this pillow may not be of any help.

When it comes to comfort, the majority of those who use it say it is quite comfortable. In fact, some non-snorers actually prefer it to the ordinary pillow.

You, therefore, don’t have to worry about waking up with a sore neck the next morning as this product is well designed ergonomically speaking.

Benefits of Using This Stop Snoring Pillow

Significant Decrease or Complete Elimination of Snoring

Depending on the cause of your snoring, this pillow can either decrease or completely eliminate your problem.

Its simple design and the fact that it is a remedy that can be applied externally mean that your health safety is maximized.

Besides that, the company that has designed it has a good track record having won the Consumers Choice for Comfort award in the past.

Improved Oxygen Circulation

The unique shape of this pillow coupled with a comfy foam generally improves your air circulation. As you know, good air circulation is important for healthy living.

Moreover, when your body cells receive an adequate supply of oxygen throughout the night you tend to wake up energetic and feeling rejuvenated the next morning.

Fits Into Your Standard Pillow-Case

Safe for the outstanding dent at the core, this pillow looks pretty much like any other ordinary pillow. This is to say that you won’t need to invest in a new pillow-case in order to accommodate it. You simply replace your current pillow with this one and start enjoying restful nights almost instantly.

Other anti-snore devices like the chinstraps and mouth guards are hard to get used to – by virtue of the fact that they are foreign objects being introduced to the body.

Good For General Health

Apart from preventing snoring, this specially designed pillow brings a couple of other health benefits as well. For instance, some customers have claimed to have experienced some pain-relieving benefits (from headaches, neck and shoulder pain).

Further to that, research has indicated that elevating your head and neck slightly above your chest can help fight the backflow of irritating stomach acids into your food-pipe.

That by extension prevents other GERD correlated nighttime symptoms like chest pain and coughing. Note that no prescription is needed to obtain this pillow.

Disadvantages of Snoreless Pillow

As with any other man-made product, the Snoreless pillow has its fair share of downsides as well.

For instance, while the manufacturers claim that it works well for front-back and side-to-side sleepers, there is no clear explanation of how it works for the latter category of people.

Another problem is that the pillow does not come with a money-back guarantee which means that if it does not work for you then you have no alternative other than to accept it as it is.

On a positive note though, there is a 7 years warranty that covers any defects that might affect the shape, structure or form of the pillow.

In order to be eligible for this cover, you have to present the original purchase receipt or slip to the buyer and incur the shipping or transport cost as well.

Wrapping Up This Snoreless Pillow Review

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Snoring is one of the pest problems that can ruin your personal life. However, as it turns out, the moment your sleeping posture is corrected, this problem can easily go away.

This is especially a viable solution if the underlying problem stems from the throat or tongue tissues loosening and blocking the air passage.

Be sure to give this device a try before you think of undergoing surgery.